Night light

When darkness meets the light,

It averts its eyes in shame,

Fireflies among bushes running careless,

Stars shining down at night.

Shadows rise from slumber,

Behind objects they copy dauntless,

With the milky way shining bright,

The stillness surrounding awake!

The steady gnats make noise,

The hedges sway to strike a poise.

The owl sitting on the tree hollow,

The lizard near the pond shallow,

The moon peeps at the night spread,

The trees deflect the breeze that blow.

Beneath the blue sequined sephulcre,

Azure shapes blossom asunder.


Do you know; my first love!

My reminiscences,

Heart spoke, but lips were sealed,

Throbbing heart, waves of emotion,

Diving and swimming in an arc of emotion.

All for thee! Unforgotten!

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Unforgotten- July 15, 2021

flowerscaped meadows yield toward the sun’s rivalry unforgotten moon “My life, I realize suddenly, is July. Childhood is June, and old age is August, but here it is, July, and my life, this year, is July inside of July.” – Rick Bass Your Weekly Prompt –Unforgotten – July 15, 2021. Go where the prompt leads you and […]

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Unforgotten- July 15, 2021

The Lineage From Yore!

YOU! the people in green attire,

Who drive away our fears with your valour,

Focussed, determined, controlled and thundering!

Jeopardize enemies, at countries borders,

Yonder across distant skies, among deep waters, seas and lands;

Marching on with might to behold,

Head held high, even in enemies’ fold,

Never known to cower, come what may,

Laying allegiance to your countries flags,

Tearing enemies fangs to shards,

To bring forth light, another day!

Sometimes; laid to rest in distant lands,

Your services to your countries remain unforgotten,

Your epitaphs, badges of honour and memories written;

All bow before your chivalry, unforgotten,

Mammoth waves, put to calm,

By herculean strength, to a truce!

My Muse…

My Muse..

Lonely by the windows, gazing listless;
The rhythms creep up and touch the thoughts they provoke.
Like a pebble thrown over the still waters,
Carefully to touch at the borders;
The thoughts,  meeting synapses, validate,
Egress the routes, meandering bends,
Advance shrouded from the naked eye,
Rupture like waterfalls into the mind’s pit.

Purple cry!

Yonder,and beneath the myriad hued sky,

Purple varying hues aspire to tower,

Over prismatic colours strike creations,

Purplist cast gleam within natural bower,

Blue, red and violet; mere variations,

Streaming loveliness, a sanctum of brilliance!

Higher still, sometimes diving depths , rendition.

Thy hues lay seige, transforming to trilliance.

Bold strokes on nature’s canvas,you do decry,

Mellowing stagnation, numbness, and stupor,

Impregnating nature, negating rancour.

Toy train ride

The puffing smoke, and the chugging wheels,
Skirting emerald mountain sides,
Happy hearts, clapping hands;
Let the journey be miles apart.
The longer it takes, merrier are we,
Darjeeling cannot stop beckoning to thee!
Time melts as hearts pound,
With sights and smells circulating around;
There I see the approaching station,
Disembarking passengers, amid jubilation.
Bidding farewell, train chugs away, far beyond,
Nostalgia envelops, with reminiscences gaining ground.


The mountain echoes with her song,

Of unrequited love, passionate, forlorn.

Her loosened hair drape over her shoulders bare,

She storms towards the earth laid bare.

‘Where is thy soul, that hears you beat?

Caught in superfluous fancy, you retreat,

Embers of past treasures slain on the earth,

Shorn of their beauty, they now revolt.

Pestilence strikes, where once greenery swayed,”

She takes hold of a spear and strikes the earth,

From under water and new foliage sprout.

“Begone you marauders of my Earth,

From now nature shall have her will!

You shall languish in dark caves of yore,

Emptiness will be your life to the core”

” Forgive us sinners O Mother of creation”.

Thus spoke the dark languishing demons of destruction.