Think not, all is over!

We are destiny’s children!

When one is turned to a memory, another’s just begun.

We chart our ways thinking the journey will soon end,

But look up and see, the road leads to no where!

Here, beside the pebbled way, with your suitcase, bags and baggage

There, in another territory, seeking a passage.

We all, after a merry-go-round, thinking, the journey will be over,

But, there you see a new opportunity beckoning you to wonder!

Immense possibilities, a lot of work, patterns that cross your path,

Similar, yet of another variant, pushing you to wander.

What a peculiar journey, from birth to the last day, I wonder!

When the hope comes calling, you leave your worries to move asunder.

The twists and turns on the journey of life, is so filled with hues,

We don’t fail to gather, the flowers of experienced virtues.

And when the time comes, we don’t fail to pass on our regrets,

Of failures and memories of discrepancies ,

That dutifully follow us, till our journey’s end.